On Monday the students were discussing gravity and we travelled onto discussion about air and mass. The video below was mentioned by Mrs Booth as the subject of wing suits came up and how air mass pushes against the fabric to help the person 'glide' to earth. It is an amazing film and really captures the concept of gravity...Enjoy but don't try this at home!
This is an excellent video that explains how gravity occurs very clearly.3/4DK has started to recreate this concept using virtual technology to simulate a moving core at the centre of planet earth. The core moves because it is so hot causing the iron molecules inside to move about creating magnetism. 
Why does the Earth spin?Earth spins because of the way it was formed. Our Solar System formed about 4.6 billion years ago when a huge cloud of gas and dust started to collapse under its own gravity. As the cloud collapsed, it started to spin. Some of the material within this cloud gathered into swirling eddies and eventually formed into planets. As the planets formed, they kept this spinning motion. This is similar to what you see when skaters pull in their arms and spin faster. As material gathered in more closely to form a planet, like Earth, the material spun faster. The Earth keeps on spinning because there are no forces acting to stop it. Information source: Cool Cosmos NASA

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